CanLase™ 10-watt, 20-watt Fiber Lasers.  Just released:  30-watt Fiber Laser 

  • Portable fiber laser
    Ideal solution when laser marking or
    engraving system needs to be taken to
    the product, not vice versa.
    Produces a 1060-1080 nano-meter wavelength beam (close to YAG laser engraving).
  • Entire unit operates from a 110Vac @ 15A ac supply.
  • Can be run from a basic laptop computer.
  • Ultra small marking head with integrated isolator and scanning head for tight marking locations
  • Standard marking areas from 50x50mm to 150x150mm
  • Larger marking areas available on request
  • Simple operation minimizes need for training and experience.
  • Marks can be achieved in a few seconds.
  • Laser can be used in any mode, both vertical and horizontal or anything in between.
  • Different end attachments allow the marking of flat or curved surfaces.
  • Marking field size can be changed upon request.
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