Keep your laser engraving equipment in
good working order with scheduled
preventative maintenance plan (PMP)

Given the potentially high cost of even a short-term interruption in production, it pays to invest in regularly scheduled preventative maintenance by a trained laser engraving equipment technician from North American Laser.

Each inspection involves a complete review of laser systems optics, mechanical and electrical components, alignment of the laser system for maximum power (if applicable), output power readings before the Scanning Head and after at the marking surface.

You will receive a detailed report of our findings so any possible issued can be addressed and our Laser Engraver Machine Technician will talk to your industrial laser etching machine operators to see if they have any issues or any concerns about the laser cutting and marking systems operation.

It is always better to take the pro-active route to avoid potentially costly production downtime.

Inspections can be performed at three month, four-month and six-month intervals. Contact us online or by phone to learn more and get pricing on our preventative maintenance packages.

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