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ELECTROLYTIC Etching - Stencils & Chemicals

Choosing electrolytes

One of the key elements in the electrochemical marking process is the electrolyte. There are different electrolytes for each family of metals and metal alloys.

Submitting a sample for test marking is recommended to obtain a firm recommendation unless a sample is submitted for test marking. Feel free to contact us online or by phone to request a free sample.

Electrolytes - Nuclear Grade

  • Electrolytes specifically formulated for use on nuclear grade materials are available on request.


  • Used to clean parts before marking when required

Neutracleaner No 1 For Ferrous Alloys
Neutracleaner No 2 For Non Ferrous Alloys


  • Provided to halt the etching process and prevent corrosion.

Neutraliser-Free Electrolytes

  • Formulation can be provided to allow etching with the need for neutralizers.

Polarized Oil

  • Thin oil used after neutralizing as a rust inhibitor

Die Impressed Stencils

  • A special die made to meet your needs where constant and changing information is required
  • The die is then impressed onto the impression stencil material
  • Die impressed stencils are also available in sheets and rolls.

Photographic Stencils

  • Constructed of a photo sensitive material specifically developed for the electromarking industry.

Photographic Stencil Caps

  • Used for long runs and/or when location is important
  • Prepared photographically from art or type
  • Formed from a photo-sensitive riston fabric to fit a standard or special marker

Oil Immersion Cleaner

  • Heavy oil coating used as a rust inhibitor and protectant.
  • Use after neutralizing.
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