You are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or beyond and have questions about laser engraving, laser marking or industril laser etching services.  We have answers

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We are a trusted supplier of everything from Co2 Laser Marking Systems and Fiber Laser Systems to Pin Marking and Electrolytic Etching.

Q: Does the laser engrave machine price offered by North American Laser compare favorably with the pricing offered by other suppliers of product marking solutions in Canada?

A:  Yes, our pricing on laser engraving machines, laser cutting and marking systems and industrial laser etching is highly competitive, plus we offer unmatched design and after sale service.


 Q: What consumables does the laser marking system require?

A: Typically the CO2, Solid State and Fiber laser systems have no consumables other then AC electrical power.


Q: What is the benefit of the laser marking versus other marking systems, such as inkjet systems?

A: The laser systems differ by having no consumables (ink, solvent, heads etc), no WHMIS and fire hazard issues (storage & safe handling) and almost no maintenance.


Q: Is North American laser a good choice if I am doing a search for laser marking and engraving machine or company Canada?

A: Yes, we are a good choice if you are searching for product identification marking systems Canada, product traceability solutions Canada, industral product marking Canada, part identification Canada or industrial laser etching company Canada.


Q: What added value does North American Laser Systems offer for a company seeking product traceability,
and custom laser engraving solutions Ontario or Canada?


A: We offer free demos, free samples, free estimates and free technical information.

Q: Does North American Laser Systems offer live customer support for companies that need help with questions about industrial laser etching machines, indstrial laser engraving machine parts and repairs or pricing for laser engraving equipment in Canada?

A: Yes, unlike most of our competitors, we offer live customer support  8-4, Monday to Friday. Call (416) 620-1515 to get answers to your questions about permanent marking solutions.  You will soon learn why we are a leading supplier in Canada for laser engraving equipment and industrial product marking solutions.


Q: What if I have a unique product identification need?

A: Many companies come to us with a problem or a challenge. We are very good at overcoming these roadblocks and delivering a solution that meets or exceeds the customer's expectations.


Q: What are the primary benefits of laser engraving?

A: In almost any high volume production environment, laser marking delivers a unique combination of speed, permanence and cost savings.


Q: What materials can I mark with a laser marking system?

A: Our wide range of wavelength laser CO2, Yag, Green and UV can mark just about any material, including materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, plastics, wood, glass and rubber.


Q: What if I need a customer laser engraving system?

A: We can design, build and implement a marking system that fits your exact production needs.


Q: What precautions should I take when using a laser marking system?

A: The laser system produces intense optical light that can harm or damage your eyes if you where to view directly or indirectly the scattered light created during the marking process. Our custom laser systems have all the necessary interlocks and safety features to meet the American Laser Institute ANSI 136.X guidelines and all systems have Hydro approval.


Q: What information can be marked by the lasers on my product?

A: We can mark much more then inkjet systems, including information such as text, bar codes, 2D matrix codes and graphic images on a flat or slight height difference marking field (range depending on lens size). We can also mark the circumference of a cylindrical parts with text and graphics.


Q: Is the laser marking system environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, there are no real consumables and no waste is generated by the marking process. All the laser needs is AC electrical power for operation. (Very low power consumption.)


Q: How reliable are the lasers versus traditional marking systems?

A: Due to new digital circuitry advancements, lasers need minimal maintenance and have a high mean to failure (MTF) rate.


Q: What is the cost of a laser marking system versus traditional marking systems?

A: The cost depends on the type of laser system being used. In general, laser have a higher purchase price, but cost much less in the long run because they require no consumables or regular maintenance.


Q: Do you supply custom laser enclosures and can you supply companies in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada?

A: Yes, we are a trusted supplier of custom designed laser engraving system enclosures to meet your production specifications.


Q: What is the size of a laser marking system?

A: The laser power supply and resonator with scan head is very compact and as such is close to the size of traditional marking systems. Log in to our Technical Section to download system dimensions.


Q: What if my business is located in Canada or Ontario, I don't have a laser marking and engraving machine product and need something marked or engraved?

A: We can handle your marking needs, including everything from graphic design to marking of almost any material. No batch is too small. Free sample. Fast turnaround guaranteed.


Q: Do you offer an industrial laser engraving machine parts and repairs service?

A: We offer same day or next day laser machine repairs and parts for any customer in Toronto, the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe – a level of service you won't get from offshore laser marking and engraving system suppliers.  That's why companies small and large searching for industrial laser engraving machine replacement parts and service in Canada regularly choose North American Laser.


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